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TestBonanza is back! The concept is simple; if you have a game, a concept, a sketch or an idea, you can bring it and get feedback in informal and beautiful surroundings at the Hamar Game Collective office. All creative projects are welcome, although we’re focusing primarily on games.

The next TestBonanza will be on the 7th of September from 17.00 at our offices in Grønnegata 83 (Park).

For sign-up and more information, follow our TestBonanza page on Facebook!

We will be back with yet another Global Game Jam in January 2018.

 Follow our GGJ Hamar page on Facebook for updates and announcements about next year’s Jam – which we want to be the best one ever!

And we have a lot to live up to. The Hamar GGJ 2017 was the world’s 18th biggest jam and resulted in 41 different games being made during the 48 hour long event.

While you wait for the registration to open, get inspired by studying the great games from Hamar Global Game Jam 2017.

There’s a saying in Norwegian that you’ll have no more fun than what you make yourself. While this might not be entirely true, we still want to make our corner of the world a fun and educational place.

So, we at Hamar Game Collective love to arrange game jams, test bonanzas and other game related events – both to play, learn and make new friends.

Please join us for these events with great games and great company!