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Author: Håvard

09 Mar GameLab Hamar!

Last week, together with Sparebankstiftelsen Hedmark and Talent Norway AS we announced the first game developer talent program. We call it GameLab Hamar! We can now share some more information about it, and we have a dedicated page for information regarding the program. Its pretty...

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05 Feb Apple Slash release today!

RELEASE TODAY! Hamar Game Collective´s newest member, Agelvik is releasing his super entertaining passion project APPLE SLASH today! If you love fun, fast and cheeky small games, this is the game for you! Today @ 17:15 GMT +1 Get it at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1127850/Apple_Slash/ Slap that steam wishlist-button while you are waiting...

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22 Oct Spillexpo 2018

This weekend (19.-21.10.2018) we were at Spillexpo 2018 to show off some of our games made right here in Hamar. Spillexpo is a place where you can meet game distrubutors , games and app devs, game shops, indie game devs, educational institutions amongst others. Every year...

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17 May HGC at NGC

From May 17 - 19 the Nordic Game Conference is held in Malmö for the fourteenth time. Hamar Game Collective is usually well represented at the conference, as it's so close to home. This time, however, we've partnered up with the conference for the first time...

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11 Dec Among the Sleep finally on PS4!

Among the Sleep was first released for PC, Mac and Linux in May last year after having been in development for about three years. This week the game became available for the PS4 as well, and console players all around the world can finally get their hands...

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