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About us

A collaborative hub of game developers

About us

Hamar Game Collective was founded by Sarepta Studio, Krillbite Studio and Moondrop in the summer of 2013. They were all driven by a desire to have a common place to meet, work and exchange knowledge.


We strive to further develop the game development industry in our local community. Hamar is a small city with big ambitions, and we’re working towards building the best game development community in Norway (and the world!).


We’re well on our way – so far we’ve gathered some of the best and brightest developers from all over Norway, and exciting things are happening. We work to promote the interests of our members and to contribute to the growth of our community, and we do this by giving our members the best workplace possible, and by arranging interesting lectures, workshops, social gatherings and more.

Contact info

Grønnegata 83, 2317, Hamar, Norway

Email: contact@hamargamecollective.com

Phone: +47 950 06 973


Encircle Games
Speed Potion
Polyblock Studio
Reflux Interactive
Want to be a part of Hamar Game Collective?

We welcome all who share our vision. To apply for membership, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you!

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FAQs about membership (or perhaps AQs, or at least Qs)

1. Can I become a member if I don’t work with games?

No. We’d like to take in all of the wonderful people that we know are out there, but it’d be somewhat counter intuitive for our cause. Therefore we only accept members whose primary business is related to games in one way or another.

If you still want to get involved with the collective in some other way, you can read more about becoming a partner or sponsor further down.


2. Is it expensive?

No. You’ll pay a one time fee for a share in Hamar Game Collective SA. One share equals one vote, and this means that you’ll get your say when important decisions are being made. In addition to that there’s a small annual members fee.


3. Can I be a member without moving to Hamar?

HGC is made up of companies who are all based in Hamar, Norway. We work locally, and will only take in members who live in or near Hamar. That said, you don’t have to sit in the same office as the rest of us – but it’s really cozy and rent is cheap.


4. Why should I become a member?

Let us list the reasons (in no particular order): We’re a bunch of great guys and gals. We’re stronger together. Rent is cheap. We do awesome events that are free for members. You’ll be promoted on our website in the company of some of Norway’s very best game developers. We have decent coffe. You get a say in how the future of Norwegian game development will take form. You’ll be inspired.



Become a sponsor

Hamar Game Collective is a non-profit organization. This means that whatever we make, we give back to our members in some form. It also means that we welcome sponsors with open arms.


We’re always looking for sponsors for spesific events such as Global Game Jam and the aforementioned Testebonanza. All sponsors get promoted through our website and social media accounts, and on t-shirts, posters and other promotional material for each event. We’ll shout you and/or your company’s name from the rooftops, and you’ll forever have a special place in our hearts.


If you’re not that into events (or rooftop shouting) and would rather sponsor the Collective itself, we can make a deal. Get in touch to discuss the details!

Become a partner

Is it something you’d like to work on with us? Become a partner! We’re always looking for people and/or companies to do fun stuff with. It could be an event, a workshop, a talk – or something completely different. Get in touch and we’ll figure something out!