Hamar Game Collective | Apple Slash release today!
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Apple Slash release today!

05 Feb Apple Slash release today!

Hamar Game Collective´s newest member, Agelvik is releasing his super entertaining passion project APPLE SLASH today!

If you love fun, fast and cheeky small games, this is the game for you!
Today @ 17:15 GMT +1
Get it at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1127850/Apple_Slash/
Slap that steam wishlist-button while you are waiting

Combine one mechanic with multiple at once with your rotating sword.
Take aim and start slashing!

Find and combine various skills scattered around in the swamp with your aim to deal powerful attacks.

The game lasts for about 30-60 mins, depending on how fast you progress.

Agelvik, or André Hjelvik is a game dev student during the day, and a fully committed game dev by night! Hard working, committed, super talented & all round nice guy!

He would really love to hear your thoughts on the game, so feel free to contact him or if you just want to say hi! @agelvik on twitter 🙂

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