Hamar Game Collective | What a year it has been! 2018 in short!
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What a year it has been! 2018 in short!

21 Dec What a year it has been! 2018 in short!

It´s that time of the year where we look back on the year that has passed (or atleast nearly passed) from our perspective and sum up the year.

2018 has been an amazing ride for Hamar Game Collective. Kicking of the year with a new CEO in January. During 2018 we have grown to 11 companies. The newest additions with Reflux Interactive & Polyblock Studios. Thanks for joining us, guys!

Speaking of Polyblock. Their student project game Combat 2018 won “best student game” at the Game Awards! An amazing achievement, and we are so happy they continue to develop Combat 2018 – now under the new title Tanknarok, which will be released next year!

On Liberation Day, May 8th, Sarepta Studio launched their long awaited game My Child Lebensborn. A game that moves anyone that plays it, in every part of the world! The New Yorker listed the game as one of the eight best games in 2018, pushing amazing tripple A games like Spider Man off the list!

Also in May, Hamar Game Collective moved to our new offices at Park in Hamar. An important move for us to be more visible, to be noticed amoung other companies and the public. Because we have so much to show, to learn and teach. Even if our walls are new, the same collective spirit continues to grow.

Encircle Games together with Hedmark Fylkeskommune released Børli VR, a new way to experience the poetry of Hans Børli, which gets a lot of attention.

In December Speed Potion gave birth to Jingle, a super funny game to put you all into the holiday spirit.

Oh, yeah, Perfectly Paranormal released Manual Samuel on the Nintendo switch!

During the year we had a lot of visitors, like the Prime Minister – Erna Solberg and Arbeiderpartiet’s leader – Jonas Gahr Støre, to name a few. Both left being impressed of what is going on in Hamar, but also especially what we do!

Global Game Jam 2018 was a hit, celebrating the 10th anniversary, and we are long into the planning for next years Jam!

During the year we were invited to China two times, and made important connections in a great market, which will benefit all of our companies.

Many of our people are sought after teachers and lecturers and together with HINN (The Innland College) we have supported the game development education in Hamar.

We’ve held testbonanzas that continue to grow both in size and content, and we will ofcourse do more of those next year.

These are just some of the things that has happened this year, and it would be a very long post if we mentioned it all. Hamar Game Collective has made many great new friends this year, and our old has proven time and time again that they support us in what we do. We would like to extend an extra great big thanks to Hamarregionen Utvikling, Hedmark Fylkeskommune, Hamar Kommune &  HINN for their continous support! Not only do you say you support us, but you show it!

And thank you to all our member companies, for making Hamar and Hamar Game Collective the best place in the world to make games! It is because of you that we all succeed!

And on that note, we wish you all a very merry christmas & a happy new year!

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