Hamar Game Collective | Spillexpo 2018
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Spillexpo 2018

22 Oct Spillexpo 2018

This weekend (19.-21.10.2018) we were at Spillexpo 2018 to show off some of our games made right here in Hamar.

Spillexpo is a place where you can meet game distrubutors , games and app devs, game shops, indie game devs, educational institutions amongst others. Every year Spillexpo gathers about 20 000 visitors.

Visitors got to play Helheim Hassle & Manual Samuel from Perfectly Paranormal, Wigged Out from Encircle Games, My Child Lebensborn from Sarepta Studio, KlangM from Tinimations & Tanknarok from Polyblock Studio.

We had a blast! And judging from the laughter and smiles from the visitors and players, so did they 🙂

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