Hamar Game Collective | Thalassa gets it’s first prize!
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Thalassa gets it’s first prize!

19 Sep Thalassa gets it’s first prize!

Last night at the DNB NXT event, Hamar Game Collective’s own Sarepta Studio got awarded with a Regional idea award (Mjøsas Idepris 2018). The award is given to them for their upcoming game Thalassa.

Stian Røbergeng, one of the founders of Sarepta Studio accepted the prize on behalf of the team. The prize is 10 000 NOK, a great add on to their project. Also present was Håvard Haugrud, the CEO of Hamar Game Collective.

“We are so fortunate to live and make games in an area of Norway that truly believes in our companies and their projects. Especially that they see what companies like Sarepta Studio contribute to creation of jobs, sustainability, growth, creativity and entrepeneurship in the region. This is truly the best place in Norway to make games”, says Håvard Haugrud, CEO of Hamar Game Collective.

The prize was given by Hamarregionen Utvikling, represented by Eli Arnkværn Bryhni & Berte Sollerud Helgestad

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