Hamar Game Collective | Encircle launches “Corroded”
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Encircle launches “Corroded”

27 Apr Encircle launches “Corroded”

Encircle, part of Hamar Game Collective, launches it’s first game. Test out “Corroded” – a fast paced arena brawler now out on Steam.
CEO Siw Hødnebø Espeland and her five colleagues have spent the last 2,5 years finishing their online arena brawler “Corroded”, which is now released in early access on Steam.

It’s a game where two to six players fight and push each other out of a shrinking arena. Set in a distant future, each player takes control of a battle robot and enters the arena for an intense free-for-all experience.

The game is inspired by the Warlocks mod from Warcraft 3, as a futuristic take with some mix-ups focusing more on speed and a more compact skill system. This gives it a more arcade-like feel.

– This game is for everybody who wants to have a fast paced, easy to learn but hard to master gaming experience. And we’ve added the extra challenge of a shrinking arena to cope with. You can make a room online and play with your friends or hook up with other players, says Siw, adding that casual players will learn quickly, while hardcore players get enough challenges.

A game in Corroded has several short rounds. After each round, you can spend earned credits that you get for fighting and destroying opponents, in getting upgrades. Once all rounds have played out, the winner is crowned. In addition to Encircle’s own team, the game har music from Kristian Brastein and sound design from Plosiv.

Siw is happy to finally be launching, but in a slightly worried, nervous way.

– Many of us have had very long days the last couple of weeks and are tired – and at the same time we’re a bit worried about all the things that could theoretically go wrong in the launch of an online game. But all in all, it’ll be great to finally have the game out there, says Siw.

– Our biggest wish now is for lots and lots of players – and that they’ll have fun!

Encircle is part of Hamar Game Collective, where there are several other companies with previous experience in launching on Steam. That’s a big comfort, says Siw.

– It’s so good to have people at hand that we can easily ask for advice and support, both when it comes to development and Steam. So we’re ready for this now, says Siw.

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