Hamar Game Collective | Try out Tinimations’ first game “Klang”
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Try out Tinimations’ first game “Klang”

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10 Oct Try out Tinimations’ first game “Klang”

– It’s easy to predict that Tom-Ivar Arntzen will have a bright future as a game designer, writes Pressfire in their review of Tom-Ivars newly released game «Klang».
After three years of intense work, Tom -Ivar has managed the feat of producing a game single-handedly that gets a 9/10 review at OperationRainfall, 8.8 at IGN Japan and 87% at Gamesbulletin.
So you would think that he would be jumping for joy? Well – the opposite is the fact. The release is a gigantic anti-climax for Tinimations_Klang01someone who has been working alone on the massive project for so many years – and who has moved from his home town Horten to Hamar in order to strengthen his project as part of Hamar Game Collective. Life has been all about «Klang».
And the dedication shows. «Klang» is a great example of how dedicated indie developers with good ideas can manage to make excellent games.
But what now, Tom-Ivar?
— I really need to earn enough from «Klang» to be able to start on my next game. And I also need to update myself on new technologies – a lot has happened in the three years where I’ve been focusing on this project, he says.
So this is the reason for the nail biting, one week after the release. The global game market is extremely fast paced and competitive. To really get the high sales, a lot of factors need to fall into place. Ideally, you should get all the reviews at the same time to get enough visibility for people to know about you. After all, just one favorable mention isn’t enough to get remembered. In marketing, the term «rule of seven» is often used, meaning that you need to see a brand seven times to remember it. It’s the same phenomenon with all visibility – positive attention here and there is great, but not enough on it’s own to be able to reach out broadly. Especially not in a market where a dozen new games are released on Steam every day.
Another factor is how some reviews have more weight than others.
– I’ve been unlucky with the reviews that are counted in the Metacritic highscore. That costs me, says Tom-Ivar.
Some of the reviews have found the game too hard. And «Klang» is an unusual combination between two genres – the rhythm game and a free-form platformer.
– I guess that’s the reason why someone really love it, while others say the genre is not for them, says Tom-Ivar.
«Klang» now needs to find it’s audience – the ones who’ll fall for the EDN music by bLiNd and the fast paced coordination Tinimations_Klang02challenges that «Klang» offer. Hopefully it’s originality will give the game the audience and sales Tom-Ivar deserves, in addition to the excellent demonstration he has given of his skills as an animator and game developer.
– It’s too early to say how the sales of «Klang» will develop, and this is a nerve wrecking time. You put so much of yourself into such a project and the outcome is so uncertain. At least I am very happy with the quality of the game – it turned out as I hoped, he says.
We at Hamar Game Collective love «Klang» and are so happy to have such a strong talent as Tom-Ivar as part of our collective. Please check “Klang” out here.
Some reviews in English:
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