Hamar Game Collective | “Manual Samuel” – take nothing for granted!
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“Manual Samuel” – take nothing for granted!

13 Oct “Manual Samuel” – take nothing for granted!

Heard of the medulla oblongata? Thankfully, we don’t have to know about this part of our brain, even though it does one of the most important jobs for us all – it controls our breathing.need-for-speed

Unfortunately, Samuel, the character in Perfectly Paranormal’s new game, is not so lucky. One of the challenges in the game “Manual Samuel” that is released this week is to breath. Manually. Both in and out. And – you have to think about keeping your spine upright – and moving your legs, obviously one at a time. And don’t forget about blinking!

So if you think it’s hard to get out of the bed in the morning, then maybe playing «Manual Samuel» will cheer you up. ´Cause for him its a lot worse. And after you’ve «pulled yourself together – literally», then you have to go about solving the challenges that Samuel’s life presents him.

Ozan and Gisle, how did you come up with this idea? Was it after an especially rough night out on the town?

– The idea just came to us one day – and we couldn’t shake it off. Ozan started writing while Gisle did some prototyping, says the two founders, who started on the game as young, just graduated teachers at Bjerkely College.

Now, two years after they started working full-time on the project, the idea and their careers have matured into a finished game and a company with five persons, as well as being part of Hamar Game Collective.

– We really didn’t know what we started back then. We didn’t even think about getting funding before we got the help from Hamar Game Collective. And poor Gisle promised not to cut his hair until the game was finished – look at him now, said Ozan, while the long-haired Gisle is nodding (headbanging?) with his unwanted long locks. They went into history after the launch party for the PS4-release Monday night, so Gisle had several good reasons to party.

Let’s hope that the day after didn’t give them an even closer, personal relationship to Samuel’s struggles, but who knows. The combination of joy and elation at finally showing the world the great game they’ve made, with the nerve wrecking insecurity that will come with weeks of following sales figures and reviews, is a tough cocktail for the nerves. Let’s hope their medulla oblongata can cope with it.

Perfectly Paranormal’s «Manual Samuel» is launched on PS4 Tuesday October 11th and on PC and Xbox Friday the 14th.

Check out the trailer here.manual-samuel_screenshot_livingroom

Perfectly Paranormal’s website.

The game’s Steam page.

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