Hamar Game Collective | Sex and romance at «Lyst» in Hamar
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Sex and romance at «Lyst» in Hamar

20 Sep Sex and romance at «Lyst» in Hamar

 lyst2As autumn is sneaking upon us, let’s remember our lustful event “Lyst”, where we gathered 60 game developers in Hamar on the year’s lightest day for game jamming about sex, love and romance. The memories will keep us warm long into winter, and not just because of the great bonfire!


This year, Hamar Game Collective got to be the hosts for the third «Lyst Symposium” in the Nordics, inviting game jammers from all over the world to the historic buildings at Domkirkeodden in Hamar.


lyst7This gave us the perfect setting to discuss, play and create through the lightest summer night of 2016, enjoying excellent talks, performance-art and socializing, as well as the 48 hour long game jam on the topic
of lust, gender, sex, love, relationships, romance and everything in between.


Thank you to all who participated on the fully booked event in Hamar – and here below are some pics for you unfortunates who didn’t get to come.


«Lyst» is a concept developed by Copenhagen Game Collective and Lovable Hat Cult, with the goal to contribute to a stronger creative collaboration between different sectors and across borders, encouraging discussions, experimenting and knowledge-sharing on controversial topics.

Lyst 2016 was arranged in a collaboration between Copenhagen Game Collective and Hamar Game Collective.


And thanks you to to Bobbie Esra and Robin Baumgarten for the great photos.
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