Hamar Game Collective | Hamar Game Collective celebrates 3 years
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Hamar Game Collective celebrates 3 years

18 Jun Hamar Game Collective celebrates 3 years

How time flies! On the 18th of June, we celebrate three years of friendship, collaboration and game development in a collective that has come to mean a lot to us.

Three years ago, Catharina Due Bøhler, Andreas Fuglesang and Ole Andreas Jordet signed and submitted the paperwork that started off the collective that has grown to eight companies and around 35 wonderful colleagues.GameCollectiveH-A

– The collective has meant a lot to us. It is so valuable to have a community of people who are facing the same challenges. We enjoy day to day contact with a large group of colleagues who have been through the things you are dealing with and you can get understanding, help and input. That’s a big difference to working alone or with one or two colleagues, like most new indie companies. We can support each other with all kinds of things – from an understanding ear to actual help on funding applications and technical problems. And – we have so much fun together as friends and through making events for the greater game community, says co-founder Ole Andreas.

– If I should try to imagine what life had been without the collective – it’s a really sad thought. We wouldn’t have had the chance to learn from each other, colleagues like Tom-Ivar and Trond wouldn’t have moved to Hamar and I think that our companies would be much weaker and more vulnerable, says Ole Andreas.

– I really think that HGC has meant survival and success for several of our companies. I don’t think all eight companies would have made it. We have a lot to celebrate.


So it’s no wonder that Hamar Game Collective has ambitious plans for the future – building on the strong community that has formed through the last three years.

– We are moving to a new, large and modern office this week and are planning to grow with many new companies the next couple of years, says general manager Runa Haukland.

– First we’ll have a party, and then we’ll keep on the work creating value for the companies in our collective, giving access to even more support, knowledge and community. Together we can do so much more, says Runa.


Cake photo: Kaja Hench Dyrlie

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