Hamar Game Collective | Among the Sleep finally on PS4!
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Among the Sleep finally on PS4!

11 Dec Among the Sleep finally on PS4!

Among the Sleep was first released for PC, Mac and Linux in May last year after having been in development for about three years. This week the game became available for the PS4 as well, and console players all around the world can finally get their hands on this title. “We’re so excited about releasing Among the Sleep on PlayStation 4! We know a lot of people have been waiting for this title so we’re happy that those who prefer console now can play Among the Sleep as well!” says Kristina Halvorsen, Krillbite’s chief of marketing and community development.

Krillbite still continues work on Among the Sleep to get the title out on the Xbox One (with a soon-to-be-announced release date), and in addition they’re working on their newest project, called Mosaic.

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