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Dev profile: Delia Tee

08 Jan Dev profile: Delia Tee

Delia Tee

Age: 27

City of origin: Iași, Romania

Current place of residence: Hamar, Norway

When did you move to Hamar: 2011

What did you study at Hihm: Virtual Arts and Design

How long have you lived in Hamar: 5 years almost


Current profession: Art Director/Environment Artist/Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Current projects: Manual Samuel


Involvement with HGC: I am a part of Perfectly Paranormal, a team that is a part of HGC


Favorite color: Today, turquoise

Favorite game: A tie between Bastion and the Syberia series

How long in the game development industry: Since 2011 (but started seriously in 2014)


Something about my team and how I work: We are a pretty small team and most often spread around, so we are counting on Skype calls, Slack, To do lists, Asana and each and every one’s sense of duty and desire to get our game out


I see our game as a meal we prepare together. Ozan (animator and writer), Øystein (our concept person) and Gisle (programmer) first start cooking up the idea, I get a chance to throw in some condiments halfway (art ideas).


They put it all together and send it to me. I make it look as pretty and eye candy as I can.


Then we taste/test and start all over again.


And someone in the background, Stine, our paperwork person, makes sure we have the ingredients and don’t make the game development “kitchen” explode. Final touches come from Sondre (our music person) who makes sure it all sound good and fits together(edited)


Quest/future plans: For now I just want to see Manual Samuel out. My quest is all about being the best artist I can be, and so far it seems the best way to do it is stick to my Paranormal guys


​Favorite moments: When we get to all work under the same roof and huddle together to look at an updated build, compliment each other and get all excited about improvements


What do you like most about the videogame medium: When done right, it’s the apotheosis of art as far as I am concerned. Because it brings together all the other art forms that movies do for example (music, moving images, visuals, writing), but then thanks to interactivity it is so much more.


How did you get where you are: It was through my network of friends at Hihm. I went there thinking to create my illustration portfolio, but realized games are a much better platform for me once I was asked to make 2D background art for a previous project.


The most important thing aspiring developers should know: It’s all about iteration and testing 🙂


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